Special offer - 0.06 $ / kW, all inclusive!

Attention! Special offer for placement of equipment in the mining hotel: paying only for electricity you get a packaged service solution. Tariff 'All is well' .
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New super-lucrative tariff 'All is well' is provided by Company A-XBT for placing equipment in the data centre. You only have to pay for electricity!
About data center
General power
5 MW
1200 sq.m
Located in
Irkutsk region
Data center racks with mining equipment
All the equipment in the data center is located in standard server racks mounted in specialized cryptocurrency mining containers.
Containers with mining equipment
All mining equipment is installed in mining containers with an automatic air filtration system and maintaining the desired humidity.
Container with GPU devices
In the data center, you can place not only ASIC devices, but also farms on video cards. Mining video cards are installed in the cases of standard 4 U of our own production.
Personal electric meter on the rack
Each rack in the container is equipped with a personal electricity meter. Easy to calculate the cost of rack.
Mining hotel
The mining hotel is spacious enough and it is the largest one both in Siberia and nationwide in Russia.
Diagnostics and receipt of reports.
Nonoperability diagnostics of ASIC and farms on video cards is paid only if you have chosen a tariff with independent maintenance of your equipment. On the other tariffs diagnosis is free. Receipt of parameter reports of the equipment is once a day, in automatic mode for free.
Special offer! Tariff 'All is well'
By paying only for the electricity consumed by your equipment, you get:

  • free rental of a place in a mining container with air filtration;
  • physical security 24/7; • installation / disassembling of the equipment - free of charge;
  • services of experienced service personnel — free of charge;
  • maintenance included in the price;
  • electricity at 3.6 rubles / kW * hour.
Additional payments only for the repairmen of equipment and spare parts as agreed by the parties. At the clients request, we will send inoperative equipment for self-repair.

The validity term of the tariff is 04/30/2019! The contract may be extended after the expiration of the specified period by mutual agreement of the parties.
For all tariff rate:

  • Installation of the equipment - free of charge;
  • Installation outside the cooling system of closed-loop cycle is free of charge;
  • Delivery of the equipment from the warehouse of the transport company to the data center is free of charge;
  • Diagnostics and repairs are made on weekdays from 09-00 to 18-00 according to the local time zone where the equipment is located by prior request if components are available;
  • The price for equipment repair is negotiated additionally.
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