Our unique mobile data center with liquid cooling type is being processed!

The new model is a unique innovative solution that has no comparable counterparts at the seller's market of placing the equipment.
2 июля 2018 г.
Water-cooled mining container began to work
A unique cooling system for mining containers has been developed.

The developing of mobile data centers is an up-to-date business stream at the time when an interest to such a scope of activity like cryptocurrency mining rises emergently.
However, the conditions of placing of ASIC and GPU mining farms do not always satisfy the requirements of placing in a high-quality information structure.

Therefore, A-XBT has created a mobile liquid-cooled data center, often referred to as a mining container, to ensure mining efficiency and equipment to be in operational comfort.
The new model is a unique innovative solution that has no comparable counterparts at the seller's market of placing the equipment.

Our solution for mining data centers is standardized and based on a 40-foot shipping container.
The data center can be used both as a separate solution, and as a mobile data center. Furthermore, as a modular unit when creating large data centers.

The developed system has indisputable advantages over free-cooling mining containers operating on the principle of heat rejection by air current from the external environment.

First of all, it is a tightness that ensures a long-lasting non-stop operation of the placed equipment at the expense of well- designed heat removal system.

The principle of removing heat from a hermetic container by using water prevents even the accidental contaminants, which during freecooling fall on the electronic components, which are responsible for removing heat. It makes the heat removal difficult.

Contamination penetrates inside, even if an air flow filtration system is installed in the mining container, at least during the replacement of filters. In our solution, the filtering system is not needed at all, so you save money and time.

No more than 10 kW of power will be spent on heating removal of 330 kW in the new type of data center .
The container is equipped with fan coil units located inside and with cooling tower located outside.

It is a closed air circulation type.

The airflow passes through the fan coil system from the "hot" zone, giving off the heat to the liquid circulating inside the circuit between the fan coil units and the cooling tower, and then enters the "cold" zone for the next cooling cycle.

During the circulation the liquid heated in the fan coils enters the cooling tower, where it undergoes a stage of cooling down to -10 degrees from the air temperature outside the container.

If it is not enough, we use the principles of adiabatic cooling or misting just by sprinkling the cooling tower radiators additionally with water.

At the time of writing the article, a patent for a new type of liquid-cooled container is already in the final stages of registration.

It should also be noted down that the second-generation of mobile data centers with water-cooling will soon substitute the first-generation containers with freecooling and conditioning system.